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Sustainable Design

We consider ourselves stewards of the environment, and are committed to the long term care of existing buildings through maintenance, renovation and adaptive use to avoid the cost of new construction and to encourage the conservation of world resources.We are committed to environmentally Sustainable Design practices, including state-of-the-art energy conservation, the renovation and adaptive use of existing property whenever possible, and the specification of the most environment friendly "green" building materials. We continually strive to design environments that are supportive of the human spirit and our connections with the natural environment around us. We seek technical excellence through careful
and thoughtful detailing, based on experience and observations of the long-term effects of use and climate on various construction systems and materials.

We believe that good environments are more than the buildings, and respond to time and place, and to the constraints under which they emerge. We strive to design facilities that are compatible with both the context in which they are built and the traditions, aspirations, and dreams of the client. We believe good architecture and environmental design has the potential to improve places and enrich people's lives.  

Our work is intentionally Diverse keeping our design perspective fresh.  Our approach has been proven on a variety of project types including recreational, institutional, medical, commercial and residential facilities. In addition, we design interiors, landscape and provide master planning and sustainable consulting services. This extensive experience is an assurance that we do not rely on stereotypical conclusions to address unique problems.

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