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Founded in Minneapolis in 1987, Kroll & Associates is a professional design firm now located in Hudson, WI, in the St. Croix River Valley, on the east side of the Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN metro area.

Kroll & Associates, is a network of architects, and consultants dedicated to creating environments that respond to our client's needs, are sustainable, support life and the spirit, and bring people into a harmonious contact with Nature, through better design.


Architecture starts with a unique site and context, inherited, and a client with a unique set of functional, psychological, and aesthetic needs, budget and time requirements. Design is a Process that brings about a fit between the site/context and the client's needs, and traditions/aspirations/dreams. The Design Inspiration for each of our Projects originates from the dynamic interplay between client and designer, merging needs and desires with creative technical thinking to arrive at innovative solutions. We honor the process that results in the creative spark, as well as the tools that support that.


We provide full services from design thru construction to include:

Design of facilities, all systems, interior and exterior environments, estimating, construction drawings & specifications.

We can also provide:  


Each project is a close collaboration between the client and the architect, working together to develop a design which meets the client’s needs and dreams in a manner appropriate to the style of the existing building or creating a new building which takes advantage of the natural features of the site and expresses the hopes and dreams of its owner.

Fees are based upon the architect’s understanding of the project requirements and the time it will take to accomplish the various phases of the work. This will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the expectations of the client. After an initial meeting to discuss the potential project we will draft a proposal which provides an estimated range of fees for the work.

Once a proposal is accepted work will begin with a series of meetings and conversations, reviewing sketches of design alternatives and progressing to the selection of a final design scheme. During the next phase the design will be refined and materials & finishes will be selected. Once the design is finalized a set of drawings and specifications are prepared for bidding, permits and construction. This final set of documents will be tailored to meet the requirements of the project and the construction process

We can provide additional help with bidding and contractor selection, as well as construction administration if requested.