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1300 SF. addition & remodel. An historic house renewed and expanded to compliment its original design. New railings were fabricated to match the ones original to the home.

Noble-Olson Residence
St. Paul, MN

Trebesch Residence
Hudson WI

Speltz Residence
Minneapolis, MN

A kitchen remodel in an elegant 1925 Craftsman bungalow.

A work in progress!
This 1850s home is undergoing a kitchen remodel and addition of a conservatory. The homeowners needed an updated kitchen that worked better for them while still fitting with the style of their Victorian-era home. The kitchen will extend into a conservatory room to the back of the house. The exterior details of the addition will reflect the style and color of the rest of the home to provide a smooth transition between the old and the new.

Craven-Cran Residence
St. Paul, MN

Built in 1910. 1350sf addition.